About Us

Smart money for a smarter generation.

Kenava is a private investment firm headquartered in Vancouver, BC. We believe in building community, taking bold risks, and supporting our partners and companies throughout their entire life cycles. Investing is all about discovery and partnership, transforming vision into reality.


Kenava represents the interests of the Ali & Alexander families and is actively involved in the management of a diverse portfolio of investments in private equity, investments, development and real estate across North America.


Great venture capital investing requires the ability to see opportunity where others see challenge.

Our goal is to make investment management as boring as possible. Restated, we attempt to assume as little risk as possible in the pursuit of the targeted returns agreed with our clients for each and every fund strategy. When we do assume risk, which we must do to be active and productive in investing capital, our goal is to be sure that we get very well compensated for doing so. We are intensely focused on this risk/return trade off and we believe this focus and attention is directly responsible for the firm’s exceptional track record of performance across several market cycles and several years to date.

Values We Look For:

  •  Social Impact
  •  Innovative Products
  •  First-to-market Concepts
  •  Ethical Standards
  •  Consumer Convenience


Trust is critical, and we are committed to being honest and direct in all of our dealings with you.

Kenava’s emphasis on partnership with management and limited partners, we only consider investments where we believe this partnership is likely to succeed. This includes partnering with competent and honest individuals ensuring that they understand the business fundamentals.

To Invest in You

  • Strong market position with the potential to be a market leader
  • Meaningful value proposition evidenced by strong margins
  • Longstanding, loyal customer relationships
  • Demonstrated history of growth in revenue and profitability
  • Motivated management team members of high integrity and equity participation
  • Identifiable exit strategy
  • Compelling long-term industry fundamentals.
  • Minimal risk of obsolescence and disintermediation.
  • Attractive return on invested capital.


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